Introduction to 6th Disciple Analytics

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This piece is an introduction and announcement of the launch of my blog “6th Disciple Analytics” the place football enthusiast of all levels can access digestible football match analysis. This blog will be a resource to folks that love football but for one reason or another don’t enter spaces where they can ask questions without being ridiculed or ignored. So this is where I come in, and hopefully a few other enthusiastic lovers of the beautiful game, to provide player, manager, club, and match analyses. The idea is to provide platform for football diversity–domestic leagues across the globe. Though I love UEFA as a confederation it is not the lone wolf on this planet so the aim is to write about leagues in Europe and as far as New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong I plan on writing about the North London Derby, El Classico, and the Eternal Derby too, this will be a place for up and coming writers and analyst to showcase their skills and meet people where they are. Please if you have ideas about what you would like to see from the site shoot me a DM. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Author

Football mad and obsessed depending on the day of the week. All jokes aside I am a husband, father, criminal justice researcher, and novice football analyst.

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