Sporting Club de Portugal bring in The 6th Disciple to Rebuild the Club!!!


Sporting Club de Portugal  Chairman Bruno de Carvalho, and @Rovazzz aka Bielsa’s 6th Disciple hold a joint press conference to announce his appointment as new manager of Sporting. Portuguese football is buzzing to get a glimpse of the Rovazzz who spent a solitary season at FK Sarajevo and led them to a domestic double. 

Jornal de Noticias:  Welcome to Portugal. You arrive at a club with a rich history and known for it’s emphasis on youth development.  What are your thoughts relying on young players?

6th: Thank you for the kind welcome. I am excited to be part of a club with a great reputation. The Chairman and I share a similar philosophy when it comes to young players. When I was at Tottenham and Sarajevo I never hesitated to give a youngster an opportunity to train or get a run of  games with the first team.  Like Mauricio, Profe Bielsa, and Mister van Gaal young players keep older players on their toes. 

PUBLICO: Welcome to Portugal. Can you tell us what are your plans for year one? Are you planning to make wholesale changes or small gradual ones?

6th: Thank you. As policy I do not make wholesale changes during my first year because it tends to upset the synergy that’s been in place. And, I need to assess the strengths and weakness of club before I make changes. There will be changes but they will be slow and gradual–specifically, club DNA and playing system. 

Chairman: Let me make it clear I personally reach out Rovazzz after I saw what he was doing at FK Sarajevo. They were playing beautiful football, they won their domestic league by 11 points. And all of it on a shoestring budget, young players, and two natural centre-backs.  I was impressed with what I saw and thought he is the manger capable of restoring this club to glory.

SAPO Noticias: Rovazzz can you tell us a bit about the synthesis. My colleagues in Sarajevo said you describe your philosophy as a synthesis of the greatest football minds. Can we expect to see it in Portugal?

6th:  Sure. The synthesis is an amalgamation of the greatest footall minds: Bielsa, Pochettino, van Gaal, Junama Lillo, Cruyff, Guardiola, Lobanovskyi and Zelentsov. A quote from Zelentsov captures the essence my work:

“We evaluate the functional readiness of players and how their potential can be realized. And we influence players in a natural way – we form them following the scientific recommendations. With the help of the modelling, we assemble the ‘bricks’ and create the ‘skeleton’ of the team.”

We will play closer to  the “Total Football” invented by the Dutch in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Sporting players are well-schooled, fit and skillful, and the fruits of their labor will be seen and respected in the domestic and continental competitions.

Chairman:  Ladies and gentlemen for now that is all the questions we will be taking. Rovazzz will be holding weekly press conference very shortly you’ll receive press kits.  Thank you and good day to you all.




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