A View From The Stands

I am on a roll two blog post in the same week.  Recently, I put some thought into revamping my blog and increase my output. First I decided to take down my old blog because it looked bad aesthetically and cosmetically. Second, there was no continuum with post because I’d start a save get bored and start with a different club. Third, I do enjoy writing about my saves and developing a story line…something I did early in my blogging days. @FMSamo got on my case about my hypo-manic blogging helped reign me in too. With that said, here’s what you can expect to see on  this blog.

  1. Blog and vlog post- Last month I introduced vlog posts (via Twitter) to the FM community so I can stay engaged. The feedback from the community was positive. Moving forward I will continue to do vlog posts. They will be used as fillers and updates for day-to-day maintenance of project..
  2. Tactical Analysis- You can expect to see more technical writing and essays.  For that purpose I signed up for Stevie Grieves’  Tactical Teacher online course to further my football education.
  3. Continue to develop the concept of “The Synthesis”- The synthesis is not a plug and go tactic. It is beyond recreating work by Bielsa, van Gaal, Pochettino, Cruyyff, Guardiola, Juanma Lillo, Saachi, Klopp, and Sampaoli. The Synthesis consists of ideas, principles and practices from some of the greatest minds in the sport.
  4.  Engage with more people in the FM community because I’ve learned more about football from people in this community than anywhere else.
  5.  To live up to the name of the site I want to add in a component of guest bloggers and vloggers to share their “View From The Stands”

Now that I’ve introduced the community to this five point plan my hope is to contribute to FM18’s global community. And, if you’re interested in writing or vlogging do not hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing for you soon. Before I go I want to share with the community with a snippet of van Gaal facilitating a conversation about international football management.





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